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The first step to recovery is to be aware of your issues, acknowledge them and commit to changing your current state of physical and/or emotional health. Overcome emotions and thoughts that aren’t empowering you. Taking the first step out of your comfort zone could be one of the most difficult but also the most rewarding.
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Discover the strategies & nutrients to balance your body, cleanse your system and obtain lasting health based on your blood type, five elements and aromatherapy profiling. Create daily practices to maintain an optimum level of vitality.
Contact her here with your preferred slot to fix an appointment with Matilda. If you are based outside of Singapore, we can schedule an online consultation.
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Holistic healing is a journey that takes time and patience. For some, they heal in a matter of days; for others, they may take months or more. However, this is the best decision you can ever make in your life - to treat your body with respect and your soul with love.​ You are committing to nobody but yourself.
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Voilà! Meet with new you!
What were the decisions that guided you and how did they empower you? Embrace the new you and your new lifestyle. Strip away old habits that no longer serve you.

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Do you want to work with a coach who truly cares about your well-being and transformation? Do you want to understand your body and life better so that you can overcome challenges that you’ve been frustrated over for the longest time?

Apply for Matilda’s 1-on-1 coaching where her experience, wisdom and soul-driven strategies will support you to achieve your goals.


You have the desire to wake up as you want, and not to an alarm clock. You desire to spend more time with your family and watch your kids grow up, while earning soul-centred abundant money through helping others improve their lives at the same time…

Partner up with Matilda and have her guide you on building a business that allows you to lead a life on your own terms and create the financial independence you want.


Matilda’s authentic, genuine and engaging style along with her entrepreneurial experience, inspiring stories and accelerated learning techniques make her a beloved speaker, especially among female audiences. 

Invite Matilda to speak at your upcoming events to inspire and impact more lives together! (we welcome non-profit organisations too)

Essential Oils & You

Zyto Scan

Matilda doesn't like selling oils just for profit, but will like to ensure that you truly appreciate the value of these essential oils because they are so precious just like you! With Zyto Scan, she will be able to tell what essential oils your body needs and go through with you why that is so. The scan is complimentary when you purchase the essential oils recommended after the session, or you can choose to pay S$50 per scan. Fix an appointment with Matilda by dropping her an email at

Hormonal Balance

Have you been experiencing unexplained weight fluctuations, irritability, hair loss, low libido, skin outbreaks, hot flashes or trying very hard to conceive? There's a good chance you may be suffering from hormonal imbalance. Or maybe, you are already diagnosed with an endocrinological disorder that is creating anxiety in you, wondering when your ordeal will be over. Matilda has suffered from endocrine troubles for many years of her life, and she totally understands what you are going through. She's here to listen, understand and support you if you'd like to take a holistic approach towards balancing your hormones. Schedule a consultation with Matilda by dropping her an email at

Holistic Skincare

Are you having trouble with skin issues? Does that affect your quality of life or even make you feel embarrassed or inferior? Are you sick and tired of applying various creams that don't solve your problems? You'd be surprised to know that Matilda has not gone for a single facial for the last seven years ever since she started using the holistic skincare approach! If you'd like to explore a holistic skincare regime with Matilda, fix an appointment with her by dropping her an email at

Emotional Wellness

Most physical ailments stem from unresolved emotions. Whether you are dealing with challenging life circumstances currently, or plagued by past emotional baggage, or childhood trauma that's still haunting you, aromatherapy is very effective in restoring happiness, joy and peace in our lives. The key is knowing which essential oils to use, the application techniques, and the suitable dosage for each individual. Let Matilda guide you on what suits you best by dropping her an email at

Personalised Blends

If you'd like to customise a blend for yourself based on your current health/emotional state or simply create a signature scent for yourself or a loved one, Matilda will love to work with you! You may also gather some friends together who will like to learn how to create their own blends too, and invite Matilda to conduct a workshop for you. To engage her service, drop her an email at

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