Hi, I am Matilda 

A modern-day entrepreneur, international aromatherapy coach, business mentor, and most importantly, a passionate woman living her dreams.

I teach women how to heal themselves, become financially independent, and create a life they truly love.

I can help you with

Hormonal Balance

Are you looking for a holistic solution to support health issues that stem from the endocrine system – such as menstrual irregularities, thyroid disorders, reproductive challenges, menopausal discomforts and more? 

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Emotional Wellness

Are you dealing with challenging life circumstances with unsettling emotions such as loss, grief,  stress, depression, anxiety, anger, jealousy, and ready to change your state to live a happier, fuller life?

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Holistic Skincare

Whether you have dry, normal, oily, mature, blemished skin, or blessed with good skin, you deserve a pampering holistic skincare regime that’s customised to your needs, kind to your skin and to the environment.

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Personalised Blend

Are you confused with the myriad of essential oils “advice” out there? Wish you had genuine guidance towards creating your own signature blend based on your current physical and emotional health, and a scent that you love?

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